From building stages to presenting on them

As an event manager with numerous years of corporate event management under my belt I am very used to staying in the background, working on strategy and pulling all the elements together to deliver that wow for my company or client.

When Franco, Thomas and I decided to take the plunge and put on MEET South West I hadn’t even considered I would have to come out from behind the scenes. Since launching we’ve had a photo shoot, our photos in the trade press and online; and have given presentations to event suppliers and destination management organisations. I guess that’s what they call a learning curve!

So why do this, put myself out there like that?

Simply, I truly believe that the event community in the South West is one worth celebrating. While we all love a day out in London sometimes we are just too busy to take the time out of our busy schedules to attend the big trade shows. These shows are fantastic and they serve their own purpose however so many South West suppliers don’t showcase at them and that is what MEET South West is all about – putting our region’s suppliers in front of buyers.

The three of us at MEET South West are working hard to ensure this is a show that will do the region proud, showcase the inordinate amount of talent it has to offer, the eclectic venue offering and the world class support the likes of Meet Bristol, Visit Bath and VisitWiltshire can provide.

This is just the start of the MEET South West journey so I can imagine now the learning curve will continue to be steep and the chances of my mug being on another trade publication fairly high. Some things are worth getting used to!

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